Kings Transit Authority Public Policies


General Policies

Respectful conduct toward the Operator and passengers is required at all times; profanity, disrespectful speech, horseplay or threatening behaviors are grounds for denial of service at the discretion of the Operator.


Passengers bearing reduced fare media or requesting a reduced cash fare (Seniors and Students) may be required to produce identification for proof of age.


Cell Phone and Electronic Devices
While the use of cell phones is permitted, please minimize the volume of conversations. Headphones must be worn when using music media players, with volumes at a minimum to avoid disturbing other passengers.


Garbage and Recycling
In order to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, the transportation of garbage recycling, or composting is prohibited.


People & Pets

Service animals or Guide Dogs are permitted with proper identification; they must remain leashed under complete control of the owner at all times. Pets are permitted but must be restrained in an enclosed cage that prevents their escape.


Smoking is prohibited on all Kings Transit’s vehicles and properties. The use of electronic smoking devices (e-cigarettes, vape, etc.) and cannabis products is prohibited.


Food and Beverages
Consumption of food is prohibited. Beverages may only be consumed if contained within a spill proof container. Single use beverage cups are prohibited.


A top, bottom and footwear is required at all times to board the bus.


As some passengers may have allergies or sensitivities and out of concern for others, the wearing of scents is strongly discouraged. Kings Transit reserves the right to deny service to passengers with strong perfumes.

Things with Wheels

Passengers are permitted to bring strollers on Kings Transit buses as long as they are smaller than 42” x 22.5”,

When space is limited and at discretion of the bus operator, passengers may be required to remove children and fold strollers. For safety strollers must be held secure at all times.


Luggage and Large Items

Bags and backpacks should not obstruct other passengers and should be stowed directly in front of you, on your lap and keep seats free for others.

Bags and backpacks cannot block doors or aisles, firefighting equipment, or emergency exits on the bus.

Passengers are permitted to travel with what they can comfortably carry in both arms and can be safely stored on their lap, on the wheel well or under a seat while the bus is in motion.

The bus operator has the right to refuse items from safety concerns or it may pose a threat or inconvenience to other passengers while the bus is in motion.


Two wheeled scooters are permitted provided they can be folded and held secure by the owner.


Roller Blades
Roller blades or skates are not permitted to be worn while on a bus.


Dangerous or Prohibited Goods

Please note the following items are strictly prohibited from being brought on all KINGS TRANSIT AUTHORITY Buses:


Ø Gasoline and other flammables;

Ø Explosives;

Ø Guns, firearms, or other weapons;

Ø Car batteries and other corrosives;

Ø Scuba and propane tanks (empty or full);

Ø Uncovered glass and other sharp objects;

Ø Items that are leaking or may impact the traction of the floor;

Ø Items that have an extreme odour;

Ø Anything that creates a risk to the Bus Operator or customers.