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Resumption of Bus Service in Annapolis and Kings Counties Issued June 3rd, 2020

For the information of the travelling public, limited bus service will resume in Annapolis and Kings Counties on June 8th, 2020 as detailed below. Note that Routes 2 and 6 (Kings County) will not be operating. Service on Route 5 in Digby County will continue to operate.

Bus service will resume with the following general schedule that is in effect Monday to Saturday and with early termination times as follows:

Route 1 – Greenwood to Wolfville
Route 1E – the last bus travelling as far as Wolfville departs Greenwood Mall at 3pm
The last bus travelling from Greenwood to Kentville departs at 5pm

Route 1 – Wolfville to Greenwood
Route 1W – the last bus travelling as far as Greenwood departs Wolfville Town Centre at 3pm. The last bus travelling from Wolfville to Kentville departs Wolfville Town Centre at 5pm

Route 3 – Greenwood – Bridgetown
Route 3W – last bus will depart Greenwood Mall at 5pm

Route 4 – Cornwallis – Bridgetown
Route 4E – last bus will depart Cornwallis at 5pm

Route 5 – Cornwallis – Weymouth
Route 5W – last bus will depart Cornwallis at 5pm
Note that start times Monday to Friday and start times on Saturdays are identical to what is published in our Riders’ Guide.

Fare collection is temporarily suspended – fare collection will resume on July 1st, 2020.
Riders must enter and leave our buses by the back door only. Please practice recommended social distancing while on our buses – 6 feet separation per person. As physical distancing cannot be assured, please use a non-medical mask at all times while using our service.
All times are approximate – visit for live bus tracking via DoubleMap.

KTA Updates

1 day ago
We are resuming limited service to help you get to work or important appointments as the Province reopens. Please help us maintain space and promote social distancing by using our service for essential trips only. Thank you!
1 day ago
There will be minor changes to Route 1 associated with our limited service starting next week - please check our website schedules or DoubleMap for details.
1 day ago
We will do our best to provide a safe environment for your travels - this includes wiping down touch points every two hours and deeper cleans every evening. Please do your part - wear a non-medical mask while using our service, and wash your hands before travelling. Thank you!