Fully accessible Kings Transit buses

Accessible, Equitable Fleet

  • Low-Floor Buses for improved mobility of our passengers;
  • “Kneeling” feature of the Low-Floor Buses allows for even greater accessibility and equitability in accessing our system by any passenger requiring mobility support, by lowering the front of the Bus by approximately 6-inches;
  • The Kneeling feature of the bus AND the Accessibility Ramp may be requested at any time by any passenger requiring the use of either of these features;
  • Extra-Wide passenger doors to assist those using mobility devices in On-Boarding and Off-Loading of the Bus;
  • Mobility Device securement areas for ease-of-access and the safety of the individual utilizing this feature;
  • All Buses are equipped with Exterior LED signage to indicate direction and end location of the Bus;
  • Blue-Seats in buses indicate Accessible Seating. Passengers with no mobility issues may be asked to move from those seats to accommodate those with mobility issues.


Mobility Devices

Kings Transit provides “Ease-of-Access” assistance to passengers who have mobility requirements. Every bus in our fleet is low floor accessible and can safely carry 2-mobility devices concurrently. This is provided the passenger conforms with the rules outlined in this policy.

Due to interior cabin and aisle/ramp size constraints, in order to avoid damage to our buses and negative impacts to our service schedule, only zero radius mobility devices can be accommodated. In addition, dimensions/attributes for mobility devices must fall within the following ranges:

Length: not greater than 122 cm (48 in.)
Width: not greater than 71 cm (28 in.)
Weight: 273 kg (600 lbs.)
(combined weight including the transit rider and mobility aid.)

Mobility devices shall have at least 2-working anchor points that is accessible to the Bus Operator, understanding most devices have 4-anchor locations. These anchors are affixed to the mobility device are not provided by Kings Transit and are strictly the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they are present and in good working order. All devices must be in good repair and have a working braking system, if they are equipped with a braking system.

For the safety of other passengers, flags, mirrors or other protruding objects must be removed or folded prior to embarking on a bus.
Kings Transit has 4 buses (Units 46, 49, 50 and 59) equipped with a rear-facing restraint system; for these buses, it is essential that all mobility devices conform to the following:

• Front brakes must be applied and/or the power switched off when the bus is in motion.
• Bags/knapsacks/packages must be removed from the back of the device before securing the device for transport; the Operator is not responsible to remove these items. The passenger (and not Kings Transit) is responsible for the contents of their bags/knapsacks/packages.

To ensure the safety of our Operators and bus passengers, Kings Transit is unable to provide service for mobility devices that do not fall within the dimensions described above or if a passenger refuses to comply with the passive restraint securement requirements; service may be denied at the Operator’s discretion, but in accordance with this policy. In addition, the Operator will not be able to assist in embarking or disembarking the device (lifting or pushing the device up the ramp, etc.).

For more information or to set up an orientation session, please contact us.