Kings Transit Authority

January 1st, 2021 Pricing

Cash Fare ($)Book of 10 TIckets ($)Monthly Pass ($)
Ages 5 - 112.25
Children under 5 yrsfree

There is no expiry date on our tickets and all tickets purchased before the fare increase will be accepted. 


At the discretion of the Operator, passengers bearing reduced fare media or requesting a reduced cash fare (Seniors and Students) may be required to produce identification for proof of age.

Purchase your Kings Transit tickets and passes from our drivers (exact change only) or at the Kings Transit Authority office in New Minas. You can also buy tickets and passes from any of our Ticket Agents!


Did you know that in 2022 Operators will no longer be selling tickets and passes from the bus?

Please click below for more information:

2021-12-21 – SN-003 – Removal of Fare Media Sales by Operator – MG


All tickets and passes sold are final. No refunds or exchanges are accepted.